Naranjalidad, the sublime recreation of women faces.

I think there is not better introduction than she does in Facebook by herself:

Hello! I’m Beatriz, I’m finishing my degree in architecture so I’m about to be an architect. I live in Madrid and something I’ve always been really keen on, apart from architecture, is drawing and design. It’s a kind of passion. When I was a teenager I started making commisioned portraits but it’s now, at the age of 24, when I’ve decided to devote myself to this world.

10974492_825916890777554_9060109654824015410_oThe girl cotton is not finished, but we are some things you have in your head.

10613039_795980513771192_7710049490573184008_nI’ve been out and I came back to warn you all: don’t go out, it’s cold and full of people.

10924172_812482438787666_2670245239743511225_oI like people who are Spring. Those people with attitude picnic in Retirement still carrying the world’s fattest coat. I want to be like them.

MacarenaGeaThere are many things that I fell when I see her drawings, a new kind of illustation,
maybe the reader don´t belive me, but there are many things that remains me
Alfonse Mucha and Egon Siegel.

Naranjalidad works shows the same epic and idilic moment, there is no time in the lines,
there is not hurry, there are far from our presesnt, the city present.

 Naranjalidad in Facebook