Liebster Awards


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We are celebrating!!!

Matericdesign has won the Liebster Award!!!

mibloguel  has nominated matericdesign for this award which discloses a network of interesting blogs that everyone should follow.

The Liebster Awards Awards granted what other bloggers to recognize your work, so help spread the blog and give to know among other bloggers; It is a simple chain link exchange but mostly a very useful tool to disseminate and propagate our url to be gaining notoriety and, especially, to strengthen ties with our partners in the network. You also will create new relationships with other Internet users who share your same passion.

When you are nominated, you must turn nominate 5-11 blogs of your choice and answer the questions that you have formulated; if you do this in a post, and you are automatically Liebster Award winner. Of course, you follow the blog that nominated you, if you were not already doing; must visit blogs alongside the nominated and if you want you can follow as well.

Remember that blogging you to nominate, must warn using social networks and adding a comment on their pages, so be aware and continue the chain; remember to add the hashtag #LiebsterAwards to give prestige to your nominations.

You can answer the questions thrown at you, use standard awards or have something of yourself; I will use the same questions of the blog that nominated me:

Why did you decide to blog?

Design can change the world and the thinking of human beings, so I thought the best way of disseminating innovative ideas to other people to think, was to create a design blog, everything came from the hand of my professor Ricardo Llera (@ricardollera on Twitter).

How much time do you spend on your blog?

Never is enough.

Where did you get the inspiration to write?

Social networks, websites, other blogs, but the most important source is the search for something original to produce something in the reader.

Has your life changed after you create your blog?

Yes, new friends, new mindsets, new sensations…

What topic would you like to write more on your blog?

Obvius, I´m doing it: DESIGN.

What is your favorite blog?

All true blogs, but I trully like the blogs who can impress me.

Who do you direct your blog?

Only a select few.

What would you say to people who are considering starting a blog and you have not done?

Never do it, we are too much, jajaja.

How is your life outside the 2.0 world ?

Study, read and work, but I enjoy a lot listen music and take a walk with my wife.

A phrase that inspires you

when the car broke down, all will tell you that you should not have been there.

Matericdesign´s nominees:

  1. comunica2punto0
  2. mibloguel
  3. vanesaestefa
  4. cuandomedejan
  5. withallmyaffection
  6. diseñocreativo

Congratulations to the nominees, keep producing quality content that these will differ you, a hug for everyone.