Bansky and parks

Bansky´s Dismaland

Clandestine street artist Banksy opens a theme park like no other. Inside a derelict lido in Weston-super-Mare, Dismaland features migrant boats, a dead princess and Banksy’s trademark dark humour.






Stephen Orlando has created a special photos with human movements and light, Matericdesign bring you this original work.







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BANSKY by matericdesign, streetart, designs and concepts.

BANSKY by matericdesign, streetart, designs and concepts.


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“Biarritzkitsch”, the first virtual gallery of ceramic art

Ana Cruz, Juan Pablo Tito, Carolina Toscano, Sophie Aguilera,
Tania Rodriguez and Elena Rodriguez are the artistic team.

Transgressive art and eccentric avant-garde. Around these two concepts Biarritzkitsch born, the first virtual contemporary art gallery dedicated exclusively to ceramics: www.

cabeza janica-juan-pablo-tito

The idea arises in the Spanish-French border, between San Sebastian and Biarritz, in the minds of Pedro and Jorge Galdon Iparraguirre, two scholars of artistic currents of both countries living with one foot on each side of the edge and trying, not only bring this technique to the general public, but “uncover the unique pieces of pottery of all prejudices to place them at the level of the rest of the arts.

fetish_de Carolina ToscanoARTISTS
Famous potters exhibit their work in Biarritzkitsch with emerging artists. The Lisbon Ana Cruz has a degree in Fine Arts, a member of the ECSC (Centre for Research and Studies of Artistic Ceramics Lisbon) and has exhibited in major European competitions ceramic. Her pieces into a fantasy dream world and heartbreaking. Your pimples are aggressive but pious. A broad curriculum also accompanies Juan Pablo Martínez-Tito, Tito family workshop director who has both won the National Award for Arts in 2006 and 2012. With him, Elena Rodríguez also works on that winning workshop. Since 2007 parts of olive decorate shops Carter & Cavero business group in New York and has worked in the props of movies and series like Alatriste or Red Eagle.
For its part, the work of the Granada Tania Rodriguez discusses the human body as a territory of action. Finally, Sophie Aguilera shows an intimate universe, with pieces transported to a world of magical fantasies.

Carolina ToscanoCarolina Toscano

Juan Pablo TitoJuan Pablo Tito

Here art, decoration and extravagance combined, always with the quality and excess“.

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DEmo, the funny face of art.

The last dEmo works are travelling around the world:

demo, art, matericdesign,Bears, ducks, divers, flowers, rhinoceroses, cows, cats, robots and jellies, brightly colored planes can reach enormous dimensions, populate the visual world dEmo, who tries to seduce the audience with humor, without losing sight the sculpture is not an object but a question mark and an engine of thought. demo, art, matericdesign,demo, art, matericdesign, demo, art, matericdesign,dEmo has starred in more than 50 solo exhibitions and large installations in public spaces inside and outside Spain. In addition, he has participated in more than a hundred group exhibitions. In recent years his sculptures have become almost constant presence of outside of Spanish and international museums. DEmo work has been shown at the IVAM (Valencia), the Museum of Contemporary Arterra Austria, the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana (Cuba) and the Macay Museum of Contemporary Art of Yucatán (Mexico), among others. demo, art, matericdesign, His work has also been presented at major biennials, fairs and cultural events such as the Venice Biennale, ARCO, the White Night of the Spanish capital, Hot Art Fair in Basel (Switzerland), the Contemporary Art Fair of Mexico or Art Lisbon.demo, art, matericdesign,dEmo


Naranjalidad, the sublime recreation of women faces.

I think there is not better introduction than she does in Facebook by herself:

Hello! I’m Beatriz, I’m finishing my degree in architecture so I’m about to be an architect. I live in Madrid and something I’ve always been really keen on, apart from architecture, is drawing and design. It’s a kind of passion. When I was a teenager I started making commisioned portraits but it’s now, at the age of 24, when I’ve decided to devote myself to this world.

10974492_825916890777554_9060109654824015410_oThe girl cotton is not finished, but we are some things you have in your head.

10613039_795980513771192_7710049490573184008_nI’ve been out and I came back to warn you all: don’t go out, it’s cold and full of people.

10924172_812482438787666_2670245239743511225_oI like people who are Spring. Those people with attitude picnic in Retirement still carrying the world’s fattest coat. I want to be like them.

MacarenaGeaThere are many things that I fell when I see her drawings, a new kind of illustation,
maybe the reader don´t belive me, but there are many things that remains me
Alfonse Mucha and Egon Siegel.

Naranjalidad works shows the same epic and idilic moment, there is no time in the lines,
there is not hurry, there are far from our presesnt, the city present.

 Naranjalidad in Facebook



From Madrid, Boamistura invites us to dream with their #quotes, wonderfully illustrated, following a line of solid creative process, here only a small sample of the material is shown, this collective works in all around the world.

ml_07-BOA-MISTURA_MALLORCA03_Reach-your-Dreamsreaches your dreams.

piensa-con-el-corazon2Think with the heart and lives.

ml_08-BOA-MISTURA_MADRID01_Love-what-you-doLove what you do.


Thanks to Boamistura, You can see more on their website: (keep on fighting!!!)

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Constructivism in design


The concept of rectangle was developed by artists belonging to this artistic movement.
The term “constructivism first appears as something positive in the realistic Manifesto (1920) Gabo Diem.
While geometric abstraction was due in part to Kasimir Malevich‘s Suprematism.

The artists of this era hardly guess that their geometric investigations would be of vital importance in the times we live in and that would be the “alma mater” of a subsequent science that affect the world overall and is shaped computer user interfaces.

It arises Suprematism, the daunting task of recoding the world, Malevich dominated the conditions of human existence, so that could operate with a cosmic language to affirm the global order and the general laws of the universe.

These paintings in his misunderstood time, have led us to develop a communication language based on the relationship between rectangles, text and image composition on the screen as website makes us be pleasant or otherwise not attract us at all, the application of these concepts in their abstract principles led us to benefit from them in a commercial way, I’m not sure what think these early visionaries from XX century.
Graphic design & text: Carlos David Sosa