DEmo, the funny face of art.

The last dEmo works are travelling around the world:

demo, art, matericdesign,Bears, ducks, divers, flowers, rhinoceroses, cows, cats, robots and jellies, brightly colored planes can reach enormous dimensions, populate the visual world dEmo, who tries to seduce the audience with humor, without losing sight the sculpture is not an object but a question mark and an engine of thought. demo, art, matericdesign,demo, art, matericdesign, demo, art, matericdesign,dEmo has starred in more than 50 solo exhibitions and large installations in public spaces inside and outside Spain. In addition, he has participated in more than a hundred group exhibitions. In recent years his sculptures have become almost constant presence of outside of Spanish and international museums. DEmo work has been shown at the IVAM (Valencia), the Museum of Contemporary Arterra Austria, the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana (Cuba) and the Macay Museum of Contemporary Art of Yucatán (Mexico), among others. demo, art, matericdesign, His work has also been presented at major biennials, fairs and cultural events such as the Venice Biennale, ARCO, the White Night of the Spanish capital, Hot Art Fair in Basel (Switzerland), the Contemporary Art Fair of Mexico or Art Lisbon.demo, art, matericdesign,dEmo



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